Thursday, June 21, 2007


Hello hello!

Another person for the mission. My name is Sarah and I've been knighted Film Chair. While I've heard of human trafficking, I was really exposed to the concept by Paige, a great friend, former roommate, and motivated individual. I'm interning at post production company, learning the trade of editing. When Paige approached me about the conference and my potential role in it, I was thrilled. The more I research and learn about human trafficking, the more I want to help. I want to be a voice for so many that don't have one. My goal is to pull together resources for media concerning Anti-Human Trafficking. Knowledge is power. I am a firm believer in that mantra. The more people I can infect with knowledge, the more people, I feel, will awaken to the problem at hand and take action. I've been collaborating with Jenn K. on potential films for a run up film showing event. If you have any ties to the film world with respect to anti-human trafficking, please contact us. Be part of a great movement. Stop traffic. Now.

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